The Pines Revelstoke Blog

March 19, 2015

Winter Attitudes

photo 2

As many of you know, this winter’s snowconditions weren’t the typical Revelstoke powder we are accustomed to! Even though we received more snow on the ski mountain than average, 4 very warm weather systems through the season brought some challenging conditions.

On the upside, Revelstoke Mountain Resort did a phenomenal job at ensuring the mountain was the best it could be on any given day and many of the heli ski operations in town were able to venture in to some unique territory given that avalanche conditions were quite low for most of the season. For many of our guests, the snow conditions were not exactly what they had expected when travelling to one of the best powder areas in North America. But what was incredible this winter was the amazing attitudes of our guests for just enjoying anytime on the hill, or accepting whatever life gave them with open minds and open hearts.

It was refreshing to meet such wonderful people this winter who didn’t let disappointing snow conditions stop them from experiencing whatever they could from the day or from their holiday.

I’m grateful that our little B&B welcomes such incredible people who share their stories with us, share their experiences, but most of all share their infectious attitudes that happiness isn’t derived from things outside of us but rather how we approach situations and setbacks and conditions that weren’t quite as expected.

The other good news is that these weather systems are only supposed to happen every 4 years! Book now for next winter…it should be an excellent powder year!